The Global AI+MR Prototype Innovative Lab

Advancing Interaction for A Smart Future

A:M Core Technology ①

AI 3D Reconstruction &Modeling

· developing AI algorithm to display a true 3d

environment to all of people.

· AI 3D reconstruction &modeling covers 2D

data storage and transmission, image analysis,

and 3D visualization.

· 3D reconstruction engine technology is

expected to provide a complete set of image

upgrading solutions for various industries.

A:M Core Technology ②

MR Holographic Interaction System

· To realize a F2F meeting with transfer a holographic

3d image and voice together at any palce.

· multi-dot, simultaneous and interconnection.

· Applied in many industries i.e. guide surgery,

business negotiation, rescueing site and so on.

A:M Core Technology ③

AI Machine Learning & HCI

· Based on MR technology, adopting its spatial

recognition and holographic imaging characteristics.

· Facilitate application development period and improve

interaction experience in so many ways.